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The GOPIO Queensland Youth Council functions under the GOPIO Queensland chapter and it is currently working to address the social, physical and mental issues and concerns faced by the youth of today.The mission of the GYC is to provide educational resources, leadership and employment opportunities, and a global network to the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs. The GYC assists young leaders and students in development of the personal as well as professional skills on a local, regional, and national level. Simultaneously, GOPIO Youth council provides the Indian youth living in Australia with a great opportunity to stay connected with the Indian community and culture through organizing workshops as well as network and interactive events.


The vision of the GOPIO Youth Council is to build a National forum and platform on which all young people can develop a unified voice and take collective action toward their personal development as well as social,economic, and environmental progress.


31st MARCH TO 9th APRIL 2017


National Youth Week is an annual, week-long celebration of young people (aged 12–25) throughout Australia. National Youth Week is an important opportunity to celebrate the achievements, vitality and strength of young people and to acknowledge their positive contribution to our communities.


It is a joint initiative of the Australian, State, Territory and Local Governments that gives the youth of today an opportunity to express our ideas and views, and act on issues that affect our lives. It also lets the youth display their creative sides and have fun.


To celebrate the National Youth week, GOPIO Youth council will be a hosting a “Youth Sports Day” on 9/04/17 wherein around 200 people are expected to get together and celebrate this golden age of possibilities- Youth!


This event will encourage fitness, positivity and healthy lifestyle amongst the youngsters of today through engaging with them in fun and interactive indoor sports competitions

  •    Different teams will be registering based on separate age groups (Under 18, Over 18).

  •   Games such as Relay races, Indoor Volleyball etc. will be played at allocated session timings.      

  •   The winners of each group will be rewarded with different exciting prizes!

  •   A “Youth week” Bake sale will be hosted and 50% of the profits made will be donated to a charity






•               Main logo on top of the Poster + GOPIO  Youth council will present on all promotional  & advertising materials  including Radio, Social Media, Posters and Fliers;

•               On Stage announcement, thankyou acknowledgement and certificate presentation;

•               A representative  from your organization  will be given a 2 minute segment  to address the attendees.

•               Banner can be displayed at the venue.





•               Medium Company Logo on all promotional & advertising materials including Social Media, Posters and Fliers;

•               On   Stage   announcement   by   MC   during   the   event;   thankyou   acknowledgement   and certificate presentation

•               Banner can be displayed at the venue.




•               Small  Company  Logo  on all  promotional  & advertising  materials  including  Social  Media, Posters and Fliers;

•               On Stage announcement by MC during the event and certificate presentation.

Please note: High Resolution Logo to be provided by Your Organization.


GOPIO Youth council would like to personally thank you for your time and for reviewing our package. We endeavor to give you the highest level of customer service. If you have any queries regarding the sponsorship packages, please contact us.


Kind Regards,


Ananya Kaushik - Kaushik.ananya.27@gmailcom




Rahul Saxena –




Find us on Facebook: GOPIO QUEENSLAND

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