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We proudly present our esteemed sponsor 4EB RADIO
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Community Radio is the emerging new sector, which has tremendous potential. While a commercial radio station is mainly market driven, the public service broadcasting on the  other hand concentrates on content for education, information and entertainment.

The medium of community radio, as distinct from commercial radio or public service broadcasting serves to bring small communities together, focuses on the common man’s day-to-day concerns and helps in realizing local aspirations. In this sense, it aims to contribute to the lives of the local people of that community.

Ethnic 4EB Radio 98.1 FM is one of Brisbane radio stations that suits people who speak a language other than English as well as those of you who have a keen interest in culture. It is local and only multilingual radio station broadcasting 24/7 'Sharing the World with you' in over 50 different languages including a variety of programs in English.

The station streams both 4EB and our digital channel – Global Digital. 4EB FM prints a regular Newsletter of Events and Changes. It’s free internet radio as well.

4EB FM success and popularity based on their mission statement: "To provide the communities of South East Queensland with a comprehensive ethnic broadcasting service of a high standard, whilst at all times promoting the principles of neutrality, independence, democracy, diversity & participation at all levels of multicultural media."

The Indian Radio Brisbane Group started broadcasting at Radio 4EB as the Hindustani Group then from 1 December 1979.  Indian radio programming group wants all the members of the community to be involved. They want us to use this medium to promote community events and participate in the radio.

4EB Radio 98.1 FM radio broadcasts a number of information based programs in English, which would be of interest to many across various communities.

These programs cover a wide range of content including current affairs, arts, community issues as well as programs dedicated to informing people about the achievements of people in the community such as women’s Profile on Radio 4EB and Men’s, and women’s stories on Global Digital.

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