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GOPIO Qld Chapter is pleased to announce our new committee members elected to serve our organisation. We welcome on board our new team:






Dr Maha Sinnathamby AM

Maha Sinnathamby is an Australian businessman and property developer. He is the entrepreneur behind the Greater Springfield Development in Queensland, the largest master-planned community in Australia . He has been associated with GOPIO International  for a long time , and helped launch GOPIO Queensland 






Umesh Chandra OAM

Founder President GOPIO Queensland and GOPIO International Vice President  is one of the Trustees 

Yousuf Ali Khan.jpg





Yousuf Ali khan , a founder member, founder Treasurer, and past President and is a a Trustee 







Vinita Khushal ,Founder member , founder Secretary , Past President and a Trustee 



Arpit Singh: A young and dynamic president who has been involved in GOPIO Queensland for a long time and has worked his way up from a volunteer and has held various positions, has been a vice-president for 2 years and has worked his way up to become the youngest president of GOPIO Queensland. Under his leadership, we saw a successful GOPIO Queensland fundraising event leading to the India Day Fair. He has attended GOPIO International business convention in Malaysia and has good connection with GOPIO International 


Immediate Past President 


Rakesh Sharma - has been a founder member of GOPIO Queensland , he was instrumental in the first Asia Pacific Conference during which GOPIO Qld was inaugurated  , Rakesh Sharma has been the president of Laxmi Narayan Mandir - during his term he undertook major infrastructure development for Hindu Mandir Association. He has been part of GOPIO Queensland management  and has handled many important aspects of India Day Fair . He serves on the management committee of Radio 4EB's Indian Programming group where he is a presenter . He brings his business and investment expertise to the table .


First Vice President

Usha Chandra , Founding member , Past President , previous women's council chair 

Neelu Balgovind.JPG

Second Vice President

Neelu Balgovind  , owner of Austec Security Services  long time sponsor of GOPIO Queensland 


Joint Secretary


Irene Balydon Former General Secretary Duties of a Community Radio Station, which also included presiding over and assisting 8 of the 52 groups, and attending their AGM's.
Representing EBAQ as the Queensland representative on Board of NEMBC also Qld Women's Rep on the Women's Council. Has been associated with GOPIO Qld for a number of years



Rohani Prasad , is a very active community memeber and has been involved with GOPIO Queensland for a long time 


Assistant Treasurer

Rishi Bhardwaj, a new member to GOPIO Queensland 

Yousuf Ali Khan.jpg

Chairperson Business council chairperson

Yousuf Ali Khan- -Business owner and financial planner and advisor 

Suman Dua.JPG



Women Council Chairperson

Suman Dua , owner of Nationwide Migration Services and Education , she has been associated with GOPIO Queensland for a number of years and has been a long time sponsor 

Kanish Chhabra.jpg



Chairperson Youth Council  


Kanish Chhabra, is the youth leader of GOPIO Queensland join the team this year as the youth Council Chair   




IT Services and Webmaster 

Mayuresh lande a previous youth Council Chair , as a volunteer , Mayuresh is a highly qualified personal who has assisted GOPIO Queensland with the management of AV for events and Functions 




IT Services and Webmaster 

Anukul Sharma, Works as a volunteer to GOPIO and helps in creating websites and IT related services. 

Siddharth Malhotra.JPG


 PR Team

Siddharth Malhotra, public relations officer for GOPIO Queensland 

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