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GOPIO women's council....

GOPIO Womens council has been in integral part of GOPIO International GOPIO, and GOPIO International encourages all chapters have an active women's council. GOPIO QLD Women’s Council was formed to help with issues relating to and affecting women. It has been created to assist women deal with everyday problems from domestic violence, language barriers, financial ignorance, legal aid, health issues and general well-being, to just having somebody to reach out to. Apart from this women's council organizes   many cultural events, such as picnic in the park.


We have associations with different community organizations which help promote the awareness of domestic violence within all the communities as well as the White Ribbon QLD committee. The first event in honor of women was held for Mother’s Day on 18 May 2014. Other events that are planned for the year include a seminar on Women health and well-being. 


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