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From President's Desk

The Global Organization of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO) is a non partisan, secular global organization engaged in promoting the well being of people of Indian origin and enhancing cooperation and communication between Indian Diaspora around the world.

GOPIO was founded at the First Global Convention of People of Indian Origin held in New York in 1989. Currently GOPIO chapters has 76 chapters which operate in over 45 countries worldwide representing interests of the Indian Diaspora estimated to be over 25 Million world-wide.

GOPIO Queensland was formed in June 2008. The idea of a Queensland Chapter was first mooted by Umesh Chandra , who became the founder president of GOPIO Queensland.GOPIO Queensland has very active Business Council, Woman Council and Youth Council. Since its formation, GOPIO Queensland has held many professional, business and cultural events including the iconic India Day Fair and other activities through out the year



The Global Organization of People with Indian Origin (GOPIO) is a non-partisan, secular global organization engaged in promoting the well-being of people of Indian Origin and enhancing cooperation and communication between Indian Diaspora around the world. This is an international network of people of Indian Origin helping each other to grow and flourish and nurture our Indian Tradition. GOPIO was founded at the First Global Convention of People of Indian Origin in New York in 1989. The initial trust of GOPIO was fighting human rights violation of people of Indian Origin. Although this has been improved in the last one decade, human rights violations continue to be the major issue for PIOs living outside India. Hence, GOPIO starves to work for the welfare of the PIOs. GOPIO Queensland came into existence from 2007. We have multiple wings with different priorities. We have Business Council helping emerging entrepreneurs and achieving them to establish their business. Also, we have Women’s Council focusing on Women’s Health Issues, Domestic Violence and Celebrating Mother hood. We have Youth Council Helping the youth by guiding them the right path to success.


History & Formation

There are over 20 million people of Indian origin (PIO) living outside India. With this large group of people, a new global community of Indian origin has been developed. Most of the people of Indian origin have become highly successful in business and the profession. If their professional expertise and financial resources are to be pooled together, it will benefit not only people of Indian origin but also their countries and India. In addition, people of Indian origin could assume a new role in providing help in case of crisis to their communities around the world.

With these objectives in mind, the National Federation of Indian American Associations (NFIA) organized the First Global Convention of PIOs in New York on August 28 – Sept. 3, 1989. This convention provided an opportunity for sharing the experience of international Indian communities on a common forum and to foster harmony with a feeling of brotherhood and fellowship amongst the PIOs. Attended by over 3000 delegates, the convention identified and discussed problems facing people of Indian origin. It also provided necessary forum at the national and international level to voice their concerns. For the first time, a book on Migration of Indians Around the World was published at the convention where twenty six resolutions pertaining to the various issues and interests of the community were adopted. GOPIO was formed at this convention.



GOPIO Queensland annually organises India Day Fair to commemorate India’s Independence from British rule (on 15 th August, 1947), following a largely non-violent civil disobedience movement led by Mahatma Gandhi. The widespread Indian Diaspora celebrates this day in memory of all those who sacrificed their lives for the motherland India and to commemorate India’s Independence. India Day Fair, now in its 9 th year, is a free community event that brings the whole community together. The event is graced by local, state and federal politicians who are joined by many multicultural community leaders. Held in Roma Street Parklands, the event showcases Indian culture, food, music, fashion, etc. and attracts an ever-growing multi-cultural crowd each year.

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