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India Day Fair Parade Application Form 2024

Dear members of the community,
As part of the programming each year, we like to showcase the Indian Culture through a India Day Fair Multicultural Parade – approximately 500 meters march in front of the Roma Street Parklands. 

We cordially  invite different organisations/associations to participate in the parade and increase your brand awareness. In the past we have heavily relied on your support to make this day a success and we once again look to you for supporting our Parade segment of the day's proceedings.   

The parade will open the formal segment of the day's program.   At the Roma St Parklands, you will have one-minute segment to showcase your banner, flag and program to the audience. It gives every club or organisation a valuable opportunity of showcasing their club and/or their culture to the public.  We hope that you will join us again this year in this iconic event.

Organisations get an opportunity to display their Banner and get a mention by the MC 

Please let us know if your organisation is interested in participating in the parade. There is no cost to participate in this Parade, it is voluntarily. 

If you want to participate in the parade please urgently contact -

Co-Ordinator, India Day Fair Parade
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