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We proudly present our esteemed sponsor 4EB RADIO
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Radio 4EB Training Sessions



Since community radio focuses on issues relating to education, health, environment, agriculture, rural and community development, the advantage of this medium as an effective tool for empowerment of weaker section of the communities is enormous.

Radio 4EB 98.1 FM team is committed to raising the standards of air-services and provides training sessions for all new members and prospective new broadcasters. And one of sessions is Indian radio 4EB Broadcast/Induction training. It's the first step in becoming involved in 4EB Programs.

This course is designed to cover all aspects of announcing and technical skills to be able to present air programs on 4EB Radio.

Broadcast / New Member Induction Sessions are held on the first Tuesday night of each month at 6.00pm. You must register beforehand for this session and you must be a financial member.


Call Radio 4EB office to find out more before attending this session.


Radio 4EB Training in 2019

These information sessions are held on the first Tuesday night of every month from 6.00pm - 7.30pm and concludes with a short questionnaire at the end.

This will indicate an understanding of the basic regulations of community broadcasting, workplace health and safety, broadcast requirements, code of practice for community broadcasters, CBF compliance, sponsorship requirements, defamation and 4EB By-laws.

The session also includes a station tour of the library facilities and the studios of 4EB Radio and GLOBAL Digital.

A 4EB Broadcast Certificate will then be issued to enable you to become involved in on-air programs as a broadcaster. 

Please Note: All 4EB Broadcasters are required to hold a Broadcast Licence to be involved in regular on-air programs and you must always be a financial member. All applications will need Group Convenor Approval but we can help you out with that on submission.

Radio 4EB Panel Training

The Radio Panel Training course is available to all Radio 4EB members who are already involved in broadcasting programs. This is a great opportunity to become further involved in your own language group or one of our many youth groups on-air. This is a hands-on highly practical course in panel operation and you will be learning a real skill. The training is delivered in a supportive learning environment and could be a pathway towards a career in the media industry.

Radio 4EB 98.1 FM conducts Radio Panel courses every 8 weeks on Monday evenings and Thursday afternoons. All applicants must hold a current Broadcaster's licence and be a financial member of 4EB and all applications will need group convenor approval..

During the course all panel trainees are expected to complete between 3 - 4 hours of studio practice before being able to sit for their practical and written test which normally occurs in the final week or more importantly when you are confident and ready. The practical test involves being able to operate the panel while following a running sheet.

The seven (7) week course is conducted in the studios of Radio 4EB and GLOBAL Digital.


Introduction to Studio Broadcast Equipment. Learn about the '3 Studio priorities':

  • Setting microphone levels

  • Cuing CD's

  • Introduction to computer programs and basic panel instruction

The first session will also reveal the functions of all the buttons and faders.

All students taking part in the panel training courses are encouraged to book the training studio to practice their panelling skills weekly from week 2 onwards.

You will need at least 3-5 hours of studio practice to feel confident and be competent in your panelling skills.

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