Brisbane, with snap lock down in Brisbane and with continuing restrictions the management committee of GOPIO Queensland had to take the hard but responsible decision of changing the date of India Day Fair. The committee wanted to stay with the venue, so they had to work in with the available dates, this was challenging as GOPIO did not want to conflict dates with other organisations. Finally, the 23rd of October was decided upon, hoping that by that time situation would have changed and more people would be allowed to attend.

There is a lot of work involved in organising the event and if only limited number of people can attend then it is of no sense. In the meantime, GOPIO Queensland had made some arrangements which could not be cancelled such as the banner of on Story Bridge and lighting up of City Hall, Story Bridge and Victoria Bridge all of which had to go ahead.

GOPIO Queensland revived many messages of congratulation from members and community at large on seeing the banner on Brisbane’s Iconic Story Bridge, a proud moment indeed. In the meantime, a Gala dinner got planned at Government House for the 15th of August, as GOPIO Queensland felt that a celebration on the day should take place.

GOPIO Queensland regrets any inconvenience caused and is looking forward to welcoming everyone on the 15th of August for India Day Fair at South Bank Piazza.

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